Printable Guitar Chords

If you have been searching for free printable guitar chords we have what you need here with our free downloads available with nothing to buy. There are too many free guitar resources to spend money that you can be saving.

Our chords range from the basic guitar chords to some advance guitar chords which makes learning simple and easy. Learning guitar chords doesn’t have to be complicated and it is not with our guitar chord charts that we have.

Guitar chords and the guitar scale range from A to G of the alphabet and we have every chord covered in our free guitar chord download zip file. Printable guitar chords are as good as having a book because the guitar charts are constructed the same way as found in most books.

There are two pdf files that contain all of the major guitar chords and another that covers all of the 7th chords as well. These 7th chords are used to play blues guitar with and are very easy to do. We included these blues guitar chords because most players like to play blues music and beyond the basic guitar chords.

We make learning guitar chords fun and we show you in the chart that we have laid out where to place your fingers on the fret board. If you do not know how to read guitar charts then you can browse our site to learn how to read these charts.

You may be wondering what the catch is – there is no catch, we just want to help you learn how to play the guitar free with nothing to buy and save you money in one aspect but our main reason is that teaching guitar lessons is our passion.

Our site is one of many that offer printable guitar chords free for everyone. With this zip file that has the basic guitar chords along with the blues guitar chords you have everything to get you started playing the guitar.

Contact us if you have any problems downloading these chords because we want to make sure that you get them. You can use our contact page to contact us with any problems. We will be adding more chords in the future but for now these are more than enough guitar chords to get you going.

Once your knowledge increases and you want to learn more advanced chords we will have these available to you free. We do not even ask you to sign up for our news letter to get these free guitar chords. We would encourage you to sign up but unlike most web site’s we do not require you to sign up before downloading.

To download your free guitar chords just simply click here and choose to save the zip file to your computer. You will need either winzip or winrar to open the file and you can get either of these programs free online. Download and enjoy!

We do not have any policy restrictions on these printable guitar chords so you can share them with your friends and family, or tell them where they can download them from. Do not buy any books that will contain the same chords that we have here, this will save you money.

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