Jazz Guitar

Jazz guitar is one of the most coolest types of music that you can play, many super star musicians that are known for their rock guitar style use a mix of rock, blues, and jazz such as Eric Clapton and many others. This style of music has been around for a long time and isn’t going to fade away.

When I say jazz guitar it doesn’t mean the instrument itself but I am talking about the style of music. This type of music can be played using the famous Fender Strat, Les Paul, or any other electric guitar. It is the chords that you use that make this style of playing different and unique.

The unique chords that are used in playing this type of music is the 7th chords and you can find these types of chords and how to make them in many books and you can even get them free to download online. Here is a list of many chords used to play jazz guitar.

    Major 7th

    Dominate 7th

    Minor 7th

    Diminished 7th

One of the great things about using these guitar chords is that the G9 chord and the G7 chords can be interchangeable. This is good because many people have problems forming the G7 chords and at the same time many people have problems forming the G7 chords so you can use either chord type to play this style of music.

If you know how to play blues then you can use the same principle to play jazz guitar because you will be using the same scale patterns for the most part with a harmonic scale. Using scales are not really necessary if you just want to play the rhythm parts but scales are important if you want to play lead or even just spice up the music.

Each musician has their own style of playing and like to mix up the chords to have several different variations of playing so if you cannot make the dominate 7th chords and can only do the minor 7th chords then that is enough to get you by playing this type of music.

Once you have the chords down and can form them and play them pretty good then you can use the same chord pattern up and down the fret board to play each chord. For instance if you can only play the minor 7th chords you can then form a G minor 7 and use that same chord pattern to play any other chord on the fret board.

Jazz is different and fun to play just like blues guitar is to play and once you get one chord pattern mastered then you can move on to learning other chord patterns. All of the chords are derived from the basic chords and with a little practice you can learn to play all of the chords needed for playing super jazz guitar.

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