Beginner guitar lessons

Welcome to my beginner guitar lessons website. We are going to cover a lot of the need to know basics of playing the guitar. This journey is going to be a fun journey and not a school atmosphere because I know we all hate to read a lot of material with only a few key points that actually help you. We will cover only the information that you need to know.

The topics that we will be covering now are:

  • The proper way to hold a guitar

  • Tuning your guitar

  • Music theory

  • Basic open chords

    Each of these beginner guitar lessons will be covered on a different page so follow the links after the end of each page to go to the next subject.

    beginner guitar lessonsLet’s take a look at how you are suppose to hold a guitar, this is very important and it will keep you from dropping the guitar unless you are using a strap. Notice how the guitar is resting on the right knee while strumming it with the right hand and chording the notes with the left hand.

    If you play the guitar with your left hand then you will do just the opposite. Even if you were wearing a strap and sitting down, you would still hold the guitar in the same position to keep it from slipping and falling off of your lap. This may not seem important to you now but once you start playing you will appreciate the tip.

    The reason this is important besides the guitar falling off of your lap is that once you begin strumming and learn to change chords the guitar will move and slide from the resting place on your leg. Guitars have slick bodies and sides so it is very easy for them to start sliding once you begin playing. This seems small but it is the basics of beginner guitar lessons.

    Every time I play the guitar I rarely use a strap unless I am standing up playing, and as long as I have been playing, the guitar will always want to slide. Sometimes when it slides I will have to pull it back into position and wearing certain types of clothing will cause it to slide even more.

    Now that you have learned how to hold the guitar properly take some time to practice holding it and just strumming it. You may not even know how to make a chord just yet but practice holding and strumming it and you will see how important it is to know how to properly hold the guitar. This is one of your first important beginner guitar lessons. After you have this mastered move on to the next page by clicking the link below.

    Click here to learn how to tune your guitar