About Me

about meWelcome to my about me page, my name is Bryant Dodd and I am from Northwest Georgia and love music and playing guitar. One of my passions is writing songs and of course playing my guitar and harmonica. My background in music is that I come from a family where my dad, my brother, and my sister all play guitar very well. I always knew that I had that talent buried inside me as well but had to find it and dig it out.

Needless to say for me it was not easy, I had to work for it very hard and the hard work paid off. Struggling through all of the hours and time spent making noise; I managed to train my ear for the musical notes and have learned to hear and recognized the chord changes in songs. The instrument that I started out on was the bass guitar because it just appeared to me to be the easiest to learn, but all in all – it wasn’t easy.

After I had learned to play the bass guitar it was easier for me to play the guitar and then moved on to learn the piano and harmonica. Once you get your ear trained and learn the basic chords then you can play just about any instrument that you set your mind to play. One thing about me is; I do not quit until I have accomplished the goals that I set out to master.

You can do the same and master the guitar, bass, or whatever instrument it is that you want to play. Even though I do like the piano I am more skilled on the guitar and my passion is to teach the beginner how to play by using the basic methods. Once you have mastered the basics, then you will grow more and more and be playing like a pro in no time.

If my about me page is the first page that you have found, I encourage you to click on the homepage link on the left navigational bar and get ready to take on the challenge that you are seeking. After all, you came here for a reason and that is to learn how to play the guitar, so let’s go. You can do it.