Easy Guitar Songs for the Beginner

When a person is beginning to play guitar there are some easy guitar songs that I always like to recommend because they are easy to learn and there can be played with 3 guitar chords. You can always go back later when you learn more chords to add some minor chords to the songs.

Here is a sample song and is almost always the first song a beginner guitar play learns. This song is one of the best easy guitar songs to play. This song has 3 chords in it here in our example so that it will make things easy for you – later you can actually a G7 chord to make it more appealing.

easy guitar songs

There is only one verse of the song illustrated here just to give you an idea of how easy we can make learning these songs, or any song for that matter. When I was learning to play new songs I always liked getting the ones written out with the letter of the key to start in and it shows you what chord to change to next as well as the ending of the song.

One rule to remember, when you are playing any song you always end with the same chord that you began the song with. You can look at the image above and see that the song starts in the key of G, and end in the same chord or key. Later on I will put several full version easy guitar songs on here to download free.

In my opinion this type of learning is better than learning from just lines of guitar tabs because you actually have the words of the song, and you have the chord changes and where they change to. There is nothing wrong with guitar tabs but for the beginner, having the song written out with the chord changes makes things a lot easier.

There is something else that every guitar player should know when learning easy guitar songs, or harder ones, is that not every player sings in the same tune as the song is written out. Everyone’s voice is different so this is why you must learn what chords are played together for each chord set.

Here are some examples that I have some of my other pages on this site but to keep you from back tracking here they are again. These chords are the basic major chords that always go together.

A, D, E

C, F, G

D, A, G

G, C, D

These are not all of them but they are the basic one that you can begin with. The more you get use to playing these chords then you can move on to other ones. The chords here are used in a lot of easy guitar songs.

This should get you started for now and you should have a general idea of why the types of formats are easier to learn than just tabs alone. Keep checking back for more full songs.

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