Guitar Strings - My Review

Many beginner guitar players ask - what kind of guitar strings are the best to use? This is a good question and there really isn’t one answer for this question. It depends upon many factors.

The factors are; what type of guitar are you referring to such as electric, acoustic, acoustic – electric, bass guitar, and classical guitar. It also depends upon your personal preference as well. The only way to find out your preference is to try out different gauges.

Let’s break these guitar strings down into their categories and give them a small review. First let’s start with the ever popular acoustic guitar since many beginners usually try out the acoustic when they begin playing.

Acoustic Guitar Strings

There are many brand names of strings such as; Martin, Fender, Alice, and many more. We won’t bother trying to name them all since they are a lot of brands, instead, let’s look at the gauges they come in and you can test them to see what feels good and sounds better for you since each player’s preference is different.

You have your heavy, medium, and light. If you want a heavier tone then try the heavy gauge, and if you want an in between tone then go with medium. The there is the lights. Not only is the tone a factor but also the easiness of pressing the strings and making it easier for you to make chords.

Barred chords may be easier to make with medium to light guitar strings and harder with the heavier gauge. It depends upon what your main goal is to get from the strings whether it is all of the above factors. For me personally I prefer the medium gauge because it has the right tone, and the right comfort to make either open chords or barred chords.

Electric Guitar Strings

Now let’s look at the electric. You still have all of the above factors to keep in mind but one thing most electric guitar player’s like to use is the lights or even ultra lights. This again depends upon what type of music you are playing such as lead guitar, slide, and just plain open chords and power chords.

electric guitar strings

Bass Guitar

The bass guitar has thick strings anyway but they still come in many brands and gauges. He rule that I had always used with the bass is to stick with the medium gauge simply because to me I just like to be in the middle – not too heavy and not too light.

Bass Guitar Strings

When it comes to the classical guitar I have never been the one to play the classical so I won’t try to tell you what my opinion is on this. They come in clear nylon and in black nylon so you will have to just test each one out to see what you are more comfortable with and what sounds best to you.

With this review of guitar strings, the bottom line is you will have to try different gauges no matter what type of guitar you play, as for me; well my rule is when I play acoustic I like the medium and when I play electric I like the lights. As far as brand goes I like Martin, Fender, and Alice.

That being said, when I go to buy brands of strings I will get either of these brands and usually choose the cheaper price among them all. It is really a test and preference for each player.

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