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There is a new program out there on the market that will teach you how to play electric lead guitar in just a few short weeks at the most. It all depends upon your guitar knowledge and skill level as to how fast you will learn to play and this course helps you to learn basic acoustic guitar lessons also. This program is called jamorama and I highly endorse it as a musician.

online guitar lessons

One of the best things about jamorama is that it will not only teach you how to play the guitar and many different styles of music but it requires no membership as most sites do and you can download all of the electric guitar lessons along with acoustic guitar lessons straight to your hard drive.

This great course will teach you all of the rock guitar chords that you will ever need to learn and it goes in depth in teaching you rock guitar, country, blues guitar chords, electric lead guitar, and jazz style lessons. Jamorama teaches you everything all in one package and it is very affordable for anyone to play the guitar.

This course has been reviewed by myself and as a musician I can tell you that the techniques that are being taught in jamorama guitar is one of the best basic to advanced acoustic guitar lesson plans that I have seen in a long time and it will help take just one rock guitar chord and teach you to use it in many different styles.

standard and deluxe editions

The best thing about this program is that it comes in a standard edition, deluxe edition that you can download to have it in front of you anytime you are ready to pick up that guitar and start learning. This also comes in a hard copy edition for just a small price for anyone who prefers to have it all on books and DVD.

hard copy edition

The standard edition teaches you the basic acoustic guitar lessons and then progresses to teaching you how to tune your guitar, how to use muting techniques, string bending, and how to form over 200 basic guitar chords and more.

When you get to the deluxe edition this is where you start learning electric lead guitar and this version also includes the lessons from the standard edition which makes the deluxe edition a great buy because you get all of the lessons that you will ever need to play the guitar like a pro. You will learn rock guitar chords, acoustic guitar lessons, and it even comes with many video lessons for a more hands on experience.

The hard copy edition has all of the standard and deluxe lessons and comes with all of the books and DVD's you need including the video lessons. The good news about jamorama is that you can get free guitar lessons to try it out, fill out the form below to get access to free information on how to get your free lessons.

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