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Here is the place to show off your fun music videos and have fun doing it. You do not have to be a professional to share your talent, just be you doing what you love doing. Even if you are a serious musician you are welcome to share your professional talent off.

This is my first video that I made about 3 to 4 years ago. During that time I was learning to play the harmonica, and then after I learned a few notes I began learning to incorporate the harp with my guitar.

This video was uploaded to you tube and almost forgotten, so I decided that there is no use in wasting it and embedded it here for one of my fun tunes. If you have some fun music videos on you tube then you can share them with us.

How do you share yours? It is easy, simply click the share link below and you can share your link with everyone. There are certain rules that you must comply with. You cannot share a link with anything that is not music related, and it cannot have any nudity, profanity, or anything crime related such as hate crimes, bloody videos or anything offensive.

This is a place for everyone to have fun and if you are proud of your talents then you can share that with the whole world. Thanks in advance for everyone that participates in the fun.

Have A Fun Music Video To Share?

Do you have a fun music video you are proud of? Share it with us!