Electric Guitar Lessons

There is not a huge difference in electric guitar lessons than they are with acoustic lessons as far as being able to make guitar chords and playing rhythm guitar. There is however a big difference in the sound effects that you can make.

electric guitar lessons

With the electric guitar you normally see and hear a lot of lead being played along with different effect pedals. Chording the electric guitar seems a bit easier as the strings are closer to the fret board, especially when making barred chords.

Here are a few basic chords that I have used in the acoustic lessons and there are at least two barred chords shown here in case you aren’t familiar with barred chords. There are probably more barred chords played on the electric than the acoustic, but yet many still use them with acoustics.

guitar chords

You can click over to the acoustic lessons and see how you read the chord charts and what the lines and numbers mean and see how easy it is to make chords. Some people may start out with the electric guitar lessons first because they may prefer the electric guitar over the acoustic and that is ok

Even though I will cover more advance techniques later such as guitar scales, I do want to show you what one of many scales look like and tell you how to read them and use them for later use because once you master the guitar a bit you will want to learn these scales for better guitar playing.

pentatonic scale

This is a pentatonic scale the basic scale for electric guitar lessons and for acoustic lessons as well. I didn’t number the frets but you can count them from left to right and I started on the third fret. All you do mostly with most scales is start from the left dot pick that note and then move to the right dot. So, it’s left to right, left to right and so forth.

In this scale here you will use your index finger on all left notes or dots, and use your third finger on the shorter left notes, and your fourth finger on the last two strings of the right notes. Here it is in this next image of the same scale with the fingering.

Pentatonic scale

Practice this scale playing it forward slowly, and then play it backward or just the opposite way back up the fret board. Once you get the hang of it you can play it a little faster and faster until you rock!

When you play these scales in reference to lead guitar, you do not always play the whole scale; you just pick a few of them and improvise with the song being played. You can mix the scales up in many ways to develop your own way of playing. Basically there are no rules as long as you stay in tune with the rest of the band and you will know if you have hit the wrong note.

Don’t be afraid to try new techniques and don’t be afraid to make a mistake because we all do when learning these electric guitar lessons, which are just part of learning. If you already know how to play the guitar then you can visit my scales page for more guitar scales.

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