Beginner Guitar Chords - The Basics

If you have browsed through this website you have already seen some beginner guitar chords but this page is dedicated to give you free basic guitar chords to save or print so that you can begin practicing.

This first set of chords are the basic chords with maybe a few 7th added to it, if you do not know what 7th means don’t fret, as you learn more about the guitar chords you will run across them later, for now, let’s concentrate on the basics.

beginner guitar chords

You can right click on your mouse to save these because this chord chart is an image, or you can print the page. Either way get the chords and practice them one chord at a time until you have mastered them. Once you have mastered them, practice chord changes, you will need to know how to change chords rather quick.

Now here is a smaller chart that has the same beginner guitar chords but without the 7th chords. Save these or print the page as before.

basic guitar chords

Finally, to help you understand what chords go together when playing any song, you can actually use three chords to play a song even though some require a minor chord or a 7th and others. Here is a list of the chord groups that I also listed in the bass lessons section. One rule is; the first chord in each group is the root chord or the starting chord for any song.

A, D, E

Bb, F, C

C, F, G

D, A, G

E, A, B

F, C, Bb

G, C, D

For example; if you were to play a song that starts with the c chord, the other chords that you would use is the f and g. Master these beginner guitar chords and you will be well on your way to playing excellent guitar.

Check back with us often because we are always adding new content to our site, and you can look for some great bar chords in the near future which will enhance you’re playing skills dramatically.

Personally, I find that using bar chords are easier to make with an electric guitar but an acoustic guitar isn’t that hard to make these bar chords on, you just have to press the strings a bit harder because the strings on an acoustic guitar are raised higher than on an electric guitar.

Practice makes perfect as they say and that saying holds true, so keep on playing and practice these beginner guitar chords and then you can move on to the more advanced chords. Keep checking back for more free guitar chords.

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