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The music industry is rising more and more each day and because of this you can find many free guitar chords for beginners online. I can remember a day before the internet was too popular if you wanted to learn guitar then you had to go and buy some books at your local music store. This is not the case anymore, which is really good for those who want to learn guitar without leaving home.

Everyone that has visited any of my websites and has read my reviews knows that I am a huge fan of Jamorama online guitar lessons. They not only have some great free guitar lessons that you can sign up for, but they also have a free online chord book right on their website. This is a great free tool for anyone that is learning the guitar.

Jamorama has 76 free guitar chords for beginners on their website and they are not just the basic open guitar chords either, they show you diagrams for each chord and even show you how to form barred chords. This isn’t something you find everyday on any website offering free stuff.

guitar chords for beginners

These chords in this free online chord book are the same chord techniques that you get as a bonus when you purchase the jamorama guitar lessons, of course you don’t get them all but 76 chords is a lot and you can’t beat the price – Free!

basic guitar chords

You have to sign up on the website if you want the free guitar lessons which is worth signing up for by the way, but you don’t have to sign up for anything to get use the guitar chord book. You can either view all of the 76 chords online, or you have the option to print them off as well and this is a huge benefit if you want to carry these free guitar chords for beginners around with you to practice

Most people that want to play the guitar has put it off because they just haven’t had anyone to show them how to even form a chord, if you can look at a picture and mock the picture then you can play the guitar – it is that easy.

Don’t put your dream of playing the guitar off any longer, now is the time to get started while there is free guides out there to show you how to do everything that you every wanted to do. Click here to go to the website and while you are there you can look for the online chord book tab at the top of the page to get your free guitar chords. – Happy Playing.

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