Ear training is the best method

It is time now to learn about ear training for guitar. Learning to hear the notes and chords is the best way to learn how to play the guitar more effective than learning to read music. The reason learning guitar by ear is best is because you can better improvise when playing and you don’t need sheet music in front of you all the time.

guitar by ear

There is nothing wrong with learning how to read music but as a musician training your ear to hear the chords allows you to become familiar with the notes and allows for better improvisation. There are many musicians that play all types of instruments by ear only, and you have those that learn music theory such as piano players where they have the music in front of them.

How can you train your ear for the music? Ear training is very easy but is not mastered over night. The best ways to train your ear is by learning the basic guitar chords and play them over and over again until you can know what chord is being played when hearing it.

For instance, play the A chord over and over and get familiar with its tone and once you feel that you have mastered that chord move to a different chord. You should also practice listening to single notes as well especially if you are planning on being a lead guitarist.

This is what I mean when speaking in terms of improvising. By using these techniques for ear training you will be able to hear and know what notes and chords are being played. One great tip that I can give you is to do two things to train your ear.

The first thing to do as I mentioned already is to play the notes and chords over and over again. Then record yourself playing these chords and notes and listen to them while driving down the road, or if you are just sitting around the house. You don’t have to be holding and playing the guitar all the time using these techniques.

The main goal is to listen, listen, and listen as much as you can and become familiar with the sound of music. Not only will this ear training help you to improvise better, but once you have mastered it, you will also be able to tune your guitar by ear as well.

You can use the trusty guitar tuner to tune your guitar until you can train your ear to the music, but after you have learned to hear the notes good and recognize them you can then learn to tune your guitar by ear using what we call; the 5th fret tuning which you can visit my page on this subject to learn how it is done.

There are many books that you can buy for ear training but no book will ever take the place of just playing the guitar and taking into account the suggestions that I will mention next such as; recording yourself playing each chord and just listen to it over and over again. No book can teach you the art better than just doing it.

Your next lesson now is to play guitar chords and record several chords and put them on your mp3 player or any other device and you can carry it around with you and listen and train your ear. Even if you are still learning other basic guitar chords you can still perform these tasks to train yourself to hear the music.

Take it slow and don’t overload yourself with too much learning at one time, you will be playing like a pro in no time at all.

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