Guitar Backing Tracks - Free Tracks

The use of guitar backing tracks are great for beginner and advanced guitar players to use for practicing new guitar licks, scales and more techniques. There are some popular backing tracks that you can find that are the music from popular songs and are great if you want to learn that song.

For the most part many people use simple A chord or B chord tracks to practice with, and you can use any chord that you like for that matter. These tracks are not only used for people wanting to practice playing the guitar, they are also used for others to sing along with almost like karaoke.

The most popular way people use guitar backing tracks though is for practicing guitar techniques. This is very handy if you play by yourself and do not have anyone to play rhythm for you. You can make your own tracks to play along with instead of spending money to buy those.

Not to take away someone’s business if they sell these tracks but everyone these days wants to save as much money as they can so making your own tracks will indeed save you money. All you have to know how to do is play rhythm guitar.

How would one go about making their own guitar backing tracks? Simple, As mentioned before if you know how to play rhythm guitar all you need is something to record with and start strumming a rhythm song without singing and then play it back and add your lead licks to it or blues licks.

You can actually sing as you record but it is not necessary to do so. Most people really want something to hear in the background to play along with and tracks without singing are the most popular ones out there today.

We now have our free guitar backing tracks available for download and you can use these to use with your electric guitar lessons and your acoustic lessons. These are great to play in the background and practice your lead licks, blues licks, and more.

Click here to download them, you will need winzip or winrar to unzip the files.

You can be versatile when using these tracks such as playing rock lead licks, blues licks and scales, and many other techniques. If you really do not know how to play the guitar yet then that is why we are here. Browse our site to learn basic guitar chords and scales and then you will be ready to practice with these guitar backing tracks.

We look forward to helping you play the guitar effectively and we know that you will accomplish this with our lessons that we provide. Keep encouraged and hang in there, you will be playing like a pro in no time at all.

In the meantime look for our tracks being posted very soon and free to download, and if you can’t wait and have the recording equipment, then you can make your very own to start practicing those blues scales and other guitar techniques.

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